The Story of Chronically Driven

This is a space for you to transform change, yes change. Let’s change the way we think about change.

“Those who tell stories, rule the society” (Plato)

You’ll find real stories told by real people on the extraordinary ways their chronic diagnosis has enabled them to change their perspectives, life goals and mindsets in living a better life. We want to change the mainstream narrative of those living with chronic conditions from ‘despite of’ to ‘because of’. How does your condition empower you to achieve excellence? This is where transformative change is necessary, it is no longer important to view your abilities within the biased spectrum of normalcy but to push beyond the extraordinary

How do we do that? 

By telling stories.

Meet the ones who have discovered their purpose not amidst the chaos of a chronic condition rather because of their diagnosis. You always have a choice and its how you respond to the events around you that determines the options you allow yourself to have.

Our mission is to transform change by telling stories of those who have pushed beyond the extraordinary, because the ordinary is the new extraordinary in today’s world and your distinctive positions in life is what sets you apart.

If you think you have an inspirational story that you like to share with the world, please do get in touch. Should you wish to submit your story, please make sure:

  1. a) You do have a chronic, incurable condition
  2. b) Your condition is invisible
  3. c) The text can be anywhere between 500–1000 words
  4. d) Feel free to include any images with your story
  5. e) Must be specific on how the diagnosis has changed your life for the better
  6. f) You’re welcome to use a pseudonym or your real name as well as include any links to your own social media accounts should you wish to

We also publish and accept articles from medical professionals and those working within the health sector should you have a particularly interesting approach to chronic, invisible conditions. Please get in touch directly with your pitch to discuss further details.


We think stories don’t just rule society, but that stories can change the world, what’s yours?