Designing Innovation

An open-sourced talk on how innovation thrives in creative industries

The Digital Design Weekend, part of London Design Festival, is an event at the V&A bringing together artists, designers, engineers, scientists celebrating the intersections of art, design and technology. Installations, workshops, performances and family friendly activities will take place across the V&A’s galleries, exploring themes of civic design, sustainability and collaborative making.

Innovation comes from Latin's innovare meaning "to renew, restore or to change" and we are asking you to reimagine innovation via this public venture that will culminate into the London Design Weekend at the V&A on the 26th & 27th September, 2015. 

We’re turning the word design inwards and look at how we are translating nuanced notions of innovation & design within our contemporary lives. How can creative industries respond distinctively to innovation and what can the Arts learn from the startup culture? This experimental approach to building on what makes innovation possible is facilitated by you - you’re invited to tweet using the hashtag #DDWOTalk or @bhaesa with your expertise that will form part of the talk. What’s more? Join in the digital story and help us build a truly collaborative understanding of what innovation means. 

Here are some questions to spark your brain: 

1. What does innovation mean to you? 
2. Share an example of an arts startup you think we should know about
3. Creating vs execution; which one's harder? 
4. What are the defining factors of the startup culture? 
5. When was the last time you had an insight? 
Got a question you like to be included? Tweet @bhaesa with your question to have it featured as part of this open sourced venture. 

To create something is a process of asking the hard question, over and over. For me, the innovation process is a daily habit which requires that I find the right questions to ask of myself, find ways in which to interrogate my own work and assumptions, and then try to align those questions and answers with the hard problems that I want to play a role in resolving.

The daily process of innovation is one of small, determined challenges and the skill behind it is real focus - sensing when you're going in the right direction but not stopping to be satisfied.

Duncan Gough, 

Innovation for me is about hacking systems, and the biggest system is economic one we're locked in, which is largely designed to snuff out new or different ways of thinking. Regardless of what it *says*, capitalism doesn’t actually want novelty; it won’t reward it. It tells us exactly what we want to hear. But there are two tools for creating newness and both run counter to the money goal: human relationships, and trust. If you focus on working with people and think of your main asset as your ability to maintain good relationships with people you respect, everything else falls into place. Placing the highest value on human relationships is the only way to work around the gigantic lie of capitalist temptation. In relation to this, trust IS an innovation. Trust will give you a solid crew who will do anything for each other for the sake of creativity, respect and friendship. 

Leila Johnston, Founder@Hack Circus

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