How do YOU define innovation and why is it even necessary?

The unhelpful definition of innovation as it stands today is, the process or action of innovating and it as unhelpful as definitions can get. So we are determined to understand what innovation is and more importantly, what are the conditions that allow for innovative thinking to take place? If innovation is a process, with Somewhere we can explore that process rather than coming up with more unhelpful definitions and complicated terminologies.

Be a part of the Innovation Group

We are inviting you as an entrepreneur/startup/founder/artist/creativepreneur to join us in this journey and find out how/what allows you as an individual to create and innovate. This isn't just for individuals, the platform is open to rganisations and museums & galleries to truly grasp how creative thinking flourishes in the modern era. At Somewhere there are already thousands of people sharing their unique patterns of working, you not only get the chance to discover interesting ways others are working but also find out your own patterns in the workplace that you might have not realised before. Also when we say workplace, we see that as an umbrella term for any place that you might work from. That could be in a coffee shop, collaborative workspace, open office space or a home desk. The nature of a workplace is evolving at an incredible rate, the average lifespan of an organisation is reduced by over 50% whilst independent collectives have arose across borders. How do established organisations differ and communicate within such fast changing economic landscape? Also, why is there such large disparities between organisations and those choosing to create their own workspaces?

Duncan from Somewhere explains why they're curious about innovation:

"Innovation is a messy and ill-defined process. Rarely does innovation happen alone - it's through the process of collaboration, working towards an overriding goal that people create. Innovation often comes in small steps, incrementally building upon idea after idea. Innovation is a process of borrowing and experimenting, just imagine what might happen if we learnt to openly share that process too, to feed the feedback loop!"

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