Art Publics: Have Your Say! What do you want from Arts organisations in Social Media?

Do you go to art galleries or museums? You can be anywhere in the world, this survey is for you. 

There's far too much information & research on best practices or tips for art organisations to maximise their social media presence whereas we believe, the ones that matter is you; the audiences. 

Here's your chance to make a real impact on how art organisations make use of social media; what would you like to see more? Is there a gallery/museum that's particularly doing a great job? Do you feel included within your favourite art organisation's social media? 

Nesta's research last year outlined that galleries now see social media as 100% integral to their workings compared to museums where as few as 12% believed social media was a necessary routine to the organisation's workings. 

Can Social Media be more than a marketing & a promotional tool for cultural industries? That's what we want to find out from you. 

All research findings will be made available to the public for free once the data has been analysed. Should you wish to gain further insight into particular areas please do get in touch. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.