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Now you can easily 10X your E-commerce and online business 

Efficient warehouse operations: Employee packing amidst an abundance of resources.
Vast warehouse stocked with a diverse range of resources and products.

Why do most ecommerce entrepreneurs fail? 

We notice that…when your sale picks up you spend 20% time or less on sales & marketing but 80% on packing & managing the warehouse.  


Soon you realise that you need to get out from this mess, you start hiring more packing staff and renting a bigger warehouse. This is where the nightmare begins.. a high fixed cost eats into your margin and makes you less competitive. At the end you lose the war.. 

But imagine, would you be able to 4X your business if… 

You can fully focus 100% on marketing & branding (income generating task), outsource 100% all packing & warehousing (lower value task).  


You save up to 60% of your operating cost, there is no risk, no investment, and no extra expenses. 

It gives you more flexibility and you can cancel this service anytime. 

It gives you more margin and high profit. 

Be Coworking Space: Relaxation Area with Scenic City View.
Statioeries falling down on the floor.

You might be wondering what we are offering?

We provide you:

  1. beautiful Private office space for your team 

  2. Fulfilment service: 

  3. Secured warehouse

  4. E-commerce system

  5. Covered all utilities and expenses 

  6. Online Workshop : Shopee Made-easy 

  7. Community: 1Million Club Community to guide you with real examples and experience!

But 60% lower than you doing your own!

Save you more than 2X times

grow your E-commerce business, and save 60% cost now




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